Coaching and Mentoring Programme For Woman Entrepreneurs

In collaboration with Australia High Commission, Mauritius

The Australian Coaching and Mentoring Program for women entrepreneurs of the Indian Ocean in partnership with the Association Mauricienne des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprise

This current project is an outcome of a working lunch with Natasha Scott Despoja, Ambassador for Women and Girls with all stakeholders on Women Empowerment upon the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia, Hon Julie Bishop and herself in August 2014 in Mauritius under the AMFCE Presidency of Margaret Pan Sin.

A meeting was then held with Diana Tompson, the Oceanic regional commissioner for FCEM and a vice president for TIAW (The international Alliance of Women), Aline Wong, Regional Commissioner for Indian Ocean and Margaret Pan Sin, AMFCE President.

A draft project write up was initiated and submitted to the Australia High Commissioner, Susan Coles for follow up.

Project was approved in June 2015 under the Direct Aid Program.

This was an opportunity to take stock of the commitment of all the stakeholders on the importance to unleash the potential of women’s participation in the economy of their countries.

Program officially launched in margins of IORA meeting in Seychelles.
This project was meant to accompany women entrepreneurs to grow their existing enterprises, develop opportunities to move into the mainstream development, help them to overcome barriers and move from informal to more formal sectors.