Mentoring program for Women Entrepreneurs in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles) - Phase 4 (2022)

In 2015, the AMFCE (Association Mauricienne Des Femmes Chefs D’Entreprises), in collaboration with the Australian High Commission, has put forward the Australian Coaching and Mentoring Programme with the objectives to enable women entrepreneurs to grow their business, provide them the opportunity to get into mainstream development and overcome barriers when stepping in the formal sectors. A Workshop on “Elaboration of a Coaching and Mentoring Program for Women Entrepreneurs in the Indian Ocean region” was organized in that context, followed by the launch of a Manual entitled “Australian Coaching & Mentoring Programme for Women Entrepreneurs in the Indian Ocean region” in 2016.
Building up on the first two successful phases, the AMFCE is teaming up once more with the Australian High Commission to launch the 3rd phase of the project, with the aim of digitalising the Coaching and Mentoring Programme for women entrepreneurs in the Indian Ocean, in order to democratize access. On-line training will be dispensed, followed by 6 months of mentoring, by dedicated international mentors with proven capacity to identify entrepreneurial weaknesses and assist mentees in overcoming the constraints through real-life entrepreneurial experience. The Mentoring Programme is designed around the following key parameters:

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