• Secretary (Year 2021-2022)
  • Company Name Safe Sha Training Centre Ltd
  • Email sameera@safeshatraining.com
  • Phone +230 54 98 70 09
  • Office +230 489 27 87
  • Fax +230 489 27 87
  • Mobile +230 54 98 70 09
  • Address 8, Broad Avenue, St Jean Qautre Bornes, Mauritius
  • Sector Education, Training
  • Business Registration Number C11105606
  • Website http://www.safeshatraining.com/

Company : Safe Sha Training Centre Ltd

Brief description of business :

Safe Sha Training Centre Ltd is a company to be engaged in delivering courses in Information Technology. We started the centre back in 2012 with nothing, we were two young founders and we wanted to do like other but it did not work out. So we decided to change the whole vision of the company and we are trying to do our very best to make it and unforgettable learning experience. We are continuous working on new ideas and making our very best to give you the best quality IT courses. Provide professional training to people currently in the field of IT and people who want to learn more on computers. We also cater classes for young learners and housewives who want to learn.